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Our site offers an array of high-quality pumping products, as well as a list of crucial repair and maintenance services that keep your equipment in as pristine condition as possible, all year long!

Chemical Metering Pumps

Our collection of powerful metering pumps includes Pressure Relief Valves, Back Pressure Valves and Injection Quills, as well as many others that will prove integral additions to your repertoire!

Design and Build

High-functioning, personalized Chemical Injection Systems are only a few clicks away. Simply fill out an inquiry and we will design/build a system that accurately fulfills your specific needs!

Repair and Maintenance

Our pump experts have over a decade of experience under their belts, making them an
invaluable tool when repairing old equipment or maintaining newer pieces. Your pumps will be working better than ever with our assistance!

Chemical Injection System/Skid System

Featured Product


EMEC’s solenoid-driven dosing pumps are among the most sought after pumps currently on the market. Through use of an electromagnetic solenoid plunger, this technological masterpiece is capable of expertly transporting fluids through a tightly sealed suction chamber. Generally used in instances where lower volume, accurate pumping is necessary, these pumps are able to meet a multitude of dosing requirements and can be implemented in numerous sectors.

These pumps offer a range of flow rates from 0.02 GPH (0.1 LPH) to 26 GPH (100 LPH), as well as levels of pressure that can reach up to 362 PSI (25 bar). Some models can even do proportional dosing with pH or redox regulation. They are customizable, allowing for increased flexibility and accounting for specific dosing rates, materials and liquids in order to provide the greatest possible service. Their attention to detail and dedication to craft is what makes their solenoid pumps such popular, reliable options.



We offer a vast collection of chemical metering pumps, all of which cater to the specific flow rates that are most in demand. With dosing pumps ranging from 0.01 GPH to 1,750 GPH (Simplex), and even reaching an astounding 3,500 GPH (Duplex), we truly offer a pump that suits anyone’s needs.

Quality matters most to us, which is why our pumps deliver an expert metering accuracy of ±1%. Liquid end materials include all of the following:

● 316 Stainless Steel
● Alloy 20
● Hastelloy C



Tapflo’s Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are state-of-the-art technology that is more versatile and reliable than virtually any other pumps found on the market today. Sporting a comprehensive range of air operated diaphragms, these pieces of equipment are comprised of both plastic and metal.

Additional Tapflo items available on our site include conventional centrifugal pumps, mag drive pumps and vertical pumps. You are certain to find all the pumps and accessories you could possibly need!


About Us

When you shop with us, you are enjoying more than just a simple purchase. Our array of services are at your disposal, allowing us to ease our customers through the process of purchasing and maintaining a chosen product.

In addition to the pristine pumps that are readily available on our site, we also provide an assortment of items that can vastly improve the quality and functionality of each pump. These include pressure relief valves, tanks, pressure gauge isolators and much, much more.

Looking for a customized metering pump that adheres to a specific set of requirements? Our site allows you to request that we design and build personalized Chemical Injection Systems (Skid Systems), as well as Control Systems. Previous systems appearing worse for wear? Our expedient repair and maintenance services are of the highest caliber, ensuring that your equipment remains in top condition for years to come.

With swift service and a massive collection of dosing pumps and other systems available, our site is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your needs.