Series 1000 Metering Pump


Carrying on the legacy of the Hydroflo design, the AquFlow Series 1000 is our most popular line of hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps. After four decades of continuous product development and improvement, the Series 1000 has proven itself as an industry standard for chemical dosing pumps.

Its rugged and compact, uni body design allows it to withstand pressures of up to 4000 PSI and flow capacities up to 123 GPH. Like all AquFlow pumps, the Series 1000’s drive parts are fully enclosed in a single uni body housing and submerged in lubricating hydraulic oil, minimizing friction and wear.

AquFlow Series 1000 was the first to have deployed “Ruggedized Design” that we are well known for today. It is built to handle difficult liquids such as slurries, off-gasing and high viscosities, making it suitable for applications in water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas refinery, agricultural fertigation and more.


1) This pump comes with 3 Ph, 230/460 VAC , TEFC Standard motor.

We can offer it in 1 Ph, 115/230 VAC, TEFC motor.

2) this pump has 3/8″ MNPT Suction and 3/8″ MNPT Discharge Check Valves.

3) The pump requires Flooded suction or 2-3 ft of NPSH.

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