Pressure Gauge Isolator


Pressure measurement in a chemical injection system is like pulse measurement in a human patient. That is the reason we strongly recommend using a pressure gauge near the discharge of the chemical metering pump. However when you are dealing with nasty chemicals that can corrode through the internal components of pressure gauges you will either have dead pressure gauges or at the very least inaccurate pressure gauges. That is the reason it is important to protect the pressure gauge and its performance parts by using a gauge isolator.

Pressure Gauge Isolators use a buffer between the chemicals and the pressure gauge internal parts so the pressure gauge is always protected from corrosive damage. The housing of the Pressure gauge isolator is made from a material that is corrosion resistant to the given chemical and the top part is filled with liquid to transmit the pressure to the gauge. The gauge thus instantly reads the process chemical without ever coming in contact with the corrosive chemical directly.